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Single page hosting can be used for just about any 1 page website. It can't be used to put a whole website that would normally be multi-page on one page. If you want to do that, you will need an actual hosting package because it would give you more space and monthly transfer. If you have a domain name that you're not ready to use yet, this would be perfect because it would allow you to put up your own parked page, and you can change it any time. Another great idea to use single page hosting for is advertising, especially as an addon. You can put a small (less expensive) ad in a newspaper, magazine, or anywhere else, and have a link to your 1 page site there. Interested parties will go to the link to find out more and that would let you present them with a much bigger and more detailed ad.

An order form will be here soon. For now, if are interested in our single page hosting, please contact us.

Single page hosting is $18.15/year

If you register a domain with us, or transfer your domain to our registration services, you get a free small hosting account and can put up a 1 page site, or even a simple 2 or 3 page site.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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