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Domain forwarding is making your domain go to another site. One reason for doing this is to give a nicer URL to others to go to. For example, if you use a free hosting provider for your website, you may have a URL like If you get your own domain name you can tell people to go to and they will see your site at You can choose to have your domain redirect to the actual site location which will show the real URL in the address bar, or you can choose to use cloaked forwarding, which means your domain will be what visitors see in the address bar. You can change where it forwards to, and how, whenever you like.

An order form will be here soon. For now, if are interested in our single page hosting, please contact us.

Domain forwarding is $13.65/year

If you register a domain with us, or transfer your domain to our registration services, you can use our domain forwarding for free. Just let us know you want to use our domain forwarding service.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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