Pay As You Go Hosting

Will your space or transfer needs vary at different times of the year? Do you have no idea how much space or transfer you will need? "Pay As You Go Hosting" might be what you need.

With regular hosting plans, you pay for a predetermined amount of storage and monthly transfer. You want to make sure you have enough because overage costs extra, but most people will make sure they pay for enough, and end up using much less than what they pay for. Now you don't have to worry about accurately guessing your needs. Just pay for what you use.

Is "Pay As You Go Hosting" right for me?
If you know what you need and your needs are pretty consistent, it will usually be cheaper to go with a package that meets your needs. If you aren't sure what you need, or if your needs change because of seasons, growth, or whatever other reason, "Pay As You Go Hosting" will probably be better for you.
On the other hand, since our hosting prices are 50% off when paid yearly, our yearly regular packages are the best way to go for pricing. Most of our current clients are on yearly plans. You can always start with "Pay As You Go Hosting" to try us out for a few months, then when you decide to stay, switch to a yearly plan.

What will be the cost for "Pay As You Go Hosting"?
The cost for "Pay As You Go Hosting" will be $7 per month base cost plus space and transfer usage below.

Space usage cost:
The cost for space usage each month will be $0.0025 (or 0.25) per megabyte of space based on the highest amount of space used that month.

Transfer usage cost:
The cost for transfer usage each month will be $0.90 (or 90) per gigabyte of transfer for up to 10GB and will be $0.75 (or 75) per gigabyte for each gigabyte above that.

Sample prices:
50MB of space and 5GB of transfer would cost $12.63/m
200MB of space and 20GB of transfer would cost $23.50/m
1GB of space and 50GB of transfer would cost $48/m

Since we wouldn't be able to bill you in advance for "Pay As You Go Hosting" because we wouldn't know what you used until after you use it, there would be a deposit required, but we would refund the deposit after a few months. We will be adding "Pay As You Go Hosting" to our order system shortly and will then have the pricing in each of the currencies we deal with, as well as deposit details. In the meantime, if you have any questions about "Pay As You Go Hosting", or want to place an order, please contact us.